methodist boys’ school or otherwise known as malaysia’s best school. went through primary and secondary. those days wasn’t easy to get in. we were the chosen ones. this was the time when most friends were made.

reliance school of tourism

believe it or not i found this college through newspaper. was flipping through and saw its ad, went check it out and took it. most asked why do i want to take up hotel management where everyone is having a holiday and i will be working. took my double diploma in hotel & travel management here, was given best student award, would have gotten mr popular too if there was one.

cornell nanyang

this was in singapore where i was sent for a couple of hospitality courses. strategic marketing & customer experience. these sort of institutes have different approaches and its application really depends on the individual’s understanding.

ecole hoteliere de lausanne

took 3 very specific hospitality summer courses courtesy of genting, where this is much known as the best hospitality institute in the world. and i just love switzerland.


certified hotel administrator | cha

dubbed one of the most diffifult certification in the hospitality industry, only for qualified general managers recognising individuals’ commitment to the industry and its best practices. the highest certification from the american hotel & lodging educational institute (ahlei). recertification every five years, i got this in twenty thirteen.2018 is the 5th year and renewal for the cha was successful. it carries two rubies now.


certified hospitality trainer | cht

this is a specific certification for trainers, all trainers for ahlei’s courses are required to have this in addition to its worldwide recognition in hospitality training industry. recertification every five years as well, only with sufficient accumulated points. got this this in twenty fifteen. 


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