malaysian association of hotels (mah)

it wasn’t what anyone would expect me to dive into. a leap of faith, of ridiculous faith some would say. one even “almost” smashed my head for making the decision, your best guess who.

but it had to be done. chief executive officer of malaysian association of hotels. what a glorified position it may seem. it’s not going to be an easy task, but the opportunity to be re-united with family back home was a motivation. having served as the chairman of mah kedah & perlis chapter helps too. as i would expect and be expected to unite the industry, make mah relevant again, carry the voice of the industry.

I can do this. I will do it. the industry is no stranger to me, i know what it was, what it is, and what it is going into. but getting the message through to others, is the challenge. the base of it would be, building bridges, relationships and networks. that is how things are done, how it moves. february 2017 marks my new journey into amplified engagements, networkings and perhaps lots of travel.

2006 - 2017 everything comes to an end

11 years with genting malaysia berhad, from building management to the role of general manager in a standalone resort. january 2017 was my last official month at resorts world langkawi.

resorts world langkawi gave me an opportunity to reach out. i broke free from a shell that was shielding me from opportunities and challenges. managing a property on its own is no easy task. my supervisor had confidence in me and guided me along.

somehow i was just doing things right. a pain in the a** to some, but i had to. that was the only way to get things done. the hotel was suddenly making money more than ever. some say i was there at the right time, others were impressed. well, can’t please everyone.

i get asked what do i do. rooms, food & beverages, fun & adventure, spa, human resources, safety & security, maintenance, sales, finance, pretty much everything. and of course all sorts of liaison works.

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